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Our Department is 100% Volunteer

Fire Fighters / Fire Medics / Medics and EMS providers.

The Hicksville Fire Department has a total of 197 members consisting of Fire Fighters / Fire Medics / Medics and EMS providers. Our department is 100% volunteer and our years of service range from 1 year to 65 years.


Members receive benefits in the way of length of service program (LOSAP), deduction in property taxes based on home ownership and years of service in the Hicksville Fire District, state-income-tax benefits, annual medical checkups, free training, scholarships for full- and part-time students attending Nassau Community College (S.A.F.E.R Grant), and volunteer related insurance policies.

Process of Becoming a Member

Application can be made by one of the following methods,

  1. Recruitment under the Hicksville Fire Department Web Site.
  2. At Hicksville Fire Department Main Fire House (20 East Marie Street | Hicksville, NY)

Start the Process of Joining Our Department

Fill out the form below and our recruiment member will reach out. You are always welcomed to come to the main station to get an applicaiton.