100% Volunteer Department

The Hicksville Fire Department protects 7.5 miles of combination residential and commercial business.

There are approximately 45,000 residential homes, 10,000 commercial buildings, and the largest railroad station on Long Island with approximately 1000 trains traveling through Hicksville daily.

The Hicksville Fire Department is comprised of 5 Engine Companies, 2 Truck Companies, and 1 Heavy Rescue Company. In addition, the Hicksville Fire Department also has a Hazardous Material Team and EMS team.

Chiefs' Office

Chief of Department

Joseph Di Fronzo III

1st Assistant Chief

Christopher Wright

2nd Assistant Chief

Michael Murphy

3rd Assistant Chief

Mathew Keyer

Eight Companies

Protection Hook & Ladder Company One (931)
Independent Engine Company Two (932)
Citizens Engine
Company Three (933)
Volunteer Hose
Company Four (934)
Emergency Engine Company Five (935)
Hook & Ladder
Company Six (936)
Engine Company Seven (937)
Heavy Rescue
Company Eight (938