FOIL Request

Thank you for your request. Please use the form below to request any records via email, paper or CD-ROM. This form is the ONLY acceptable method of making a records request (FOIL request) via the Internet. Requests made via direct emails or on other forms will not be processed or responded to. Note: An asterisk […]

Kids Corner

Keep your family safe from home fires Everyone needs to be prepared in advance so that they know what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. Your ability to get out of a home during a fire depends on your family planning. Your children are never to young to learn. Use these resources to keep […]

Fire Department Key Box Installation (Knox Box)

The Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and first responders. First Responders across North America use the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System to prevent costly entry damage while protecting property and lives. When a fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency, Knox® products allow immediate entry […]